Problems with the docker images version of openremote: UI gets stuck

Hi all,
I followed the Quickstart guide installing openremote on my local machine (MacOSX) through the docker images. No problems with the installation process.

Once I logged in, I performed the following steps:

  1. Creation of an HTTP Agent linked to the openweathemap service (I followed the guide). It seems working and the status is CONNECTED.
  2. Creation of a weather asset
  3. Creation of a new “Agent link Configuration Item” linked to the ‘humidity attribute’. When I select the Agent to link (see the screenshot), the UI gets stuck

I use the latest version of Chrome. I think that the problem is on UI side, because in the back end logs there are not errors.

Any help?



Unfortunately there is a bug with one of our UI dependencies that introduced this issue; we will get around to resolving it soon but for now the agent link input has been reverted to a simple input (please try a manager docker image with a date newer than this post).

You can track the bug at: