Professional Designer Users

For those of us who supported OpenRemote by buying a Professional developer license, what is the outlook for us going forward?
Will we simply be in the same group as all the other (previously) free members?
Or will we get the same perks as we did before, which sounds similar to how commercial customers will now have to sign up.



Also, per your last few posts, will the be a transfer method from the previous professional designer to the new platform?

Hi Nathan, first of all the version 2.5 will work with your existing Professional Designer 2.4x account, so it’s an upgrade from 2.4.

On your question about paying. First and foremost, for new users, we request commercial users to pay for an account (but we don’t check as rely on your honesty). Only those we can help with (still limited) direct support via e-mail. Of course there is this forum, where we will also try and answer as much as we can.

That doesn’t answer your question yet on non-commercial users who paid earlier. We will work on some perks…


Personally, I feel a little done in by this new policy.

I am a private, non-commercial user who bought the Professional License around the time that version 2.5 was released for the added features.

Why did you not tell me or point out that if I am not a commercial user, there is no need for me to buy a professional license?

Right now, I feel I have waisted US$150 for a hobby project