Push notification in when-then rule not working

Hi, I am trying to use the openremote IOS app to receive push notification from a when-then rule, however I’m getting this error:

I have added a consoleappconfig file as per the wiki but still get the error above. Did I create it in the correct folder? Is the file name correct? It should be the technical name of the realm, right?

This is my config file:

I think you need something more thant just the consoleappconfig
Try to check this post

I assumed those instructions are for when you are deploying your own app; what if we want to use the default openremote iOS app (for now)?

I couldn’t manage to use push notifications with the default app, I think you need those instructions but maybe I’m wrong, let’s wait for someone else’s comment because I’m interested too

Hi, the ability to use push notifications with the default OR app (in the stores) unfortunately only works with openremote hosted environments as the FCM token in the default app corresponds. If you want to make it work, you would indeed have to build the apps yourself.