Push notifications not working - Android App

I have built a mobile app (not Console App in Public Github repo) to connect to my Openremote which I have deployed in the cloud. I have configured the FCM file in the server and in the application following Push notifications - Custom Deployment - OpenRemote but I didn’t receive any push notifications. Am I missing or wrong steps? And do I need to do any more steps? Thanks for your help!

Hi ixxc,

so you didn’t used the ORLib?
I guess you just used a WebView?

Thanks for your reply! ORLib with OpenRemote application on CHPlay is the same right? I did not rebuild it. The application that I mentioned above is a type of application that sends requests and parses the response to show the interface, it does not use webview.

I have the same configuration and my log is as shown below (after “when” is true):

I checked the FCM dashboard report and see no new notifications coming from the server, I didn’t know what was wrong. Can someone help me?