Questions about upgrade to 2.5

have a medium sized home entertainment setup for 2.1 that works
pretty good.

has 8 separate entry panels and controls for TV, Roku, Sony Audio
System, DVD Player, STB…

200 discrete device commands a mix of global cache wifi2ir captured
infrared sequences and some direct network commands for roku…

has a list of 24 macros to simplify some otherwise complicated
reconfiguration sequences and such.

all this is going to be a fairly massive undertaking. Before I decide
to commit to all this I would like to know a few things so I can make
a hopefully intelligent decision about migrating this setup to 2.5.

anyone answer these:

Is this 2.5 designer less buggy than the old one. The 2.1 designers
scrambles my key assignments on a regular

. When this happens it requires me to rework entire screens
(sometimes several) from empty screen

I keep expressly for the purpose.

Is there going to be an automated conversion path at any point ?

now (2.1 -> 2.5) and going forward to future generations as well?

How much longer is the 2.1 designer going to be hosted and available?

  1. I saw a thread on here about a migration server that was available last summer (2016) apparently and was wondering when and why that was taken down as well.

Thanks for any information!

Could someone please answer the questions Tim asked?

I also have a medium configuration and it will take a lot of effort to move this to the new server.

Thanks in advance.