Quick start on RaZberry

Hi all.
I’m trying to install and use OpenRemote on RaZberry as a customized Zwave controller.

Everything is done according to guide, except this line:

In the Advanced Options select Serial and deactivate the login shell.
this option now is under Interfacing options and comes with another question “Would you like the serial port hardware to be enabled?” (answered “Yes”, also tried “No”).

Anyway, I set up a page with inclusion/exclusion switches and two labels with inclusion and exclusion statuses. On tap switches return “Send Request Error. Command not found” message. Labels with status message return “N/A”.

I guess it is either about communication problems with zwave board or commands don’t work as they are supposed to (may be, I have to manually create and edit the node1.xml file).

My question is, is there any roadmap for troubleshooting? How can i check if the board is connected properly and responds correctly?