Raspberry PI 3 - Aeon Z-Stick Gen5 - Z wave ACK Timeout

Hello All,

In open this topic because after hours on Internet, I havent found any slution.
I have a brand new rasp PI 3 Model B (Raspbian Stretch) + Aeon Z-Stick Gen5 + Openremote 2.6 as controller

I did the configuration described on Openremote web site in order the use the Zwave stick on the Rasp PI 3 and everthing goes well.
But, one I have include my first device on the Stick (it is a simple plug), I hae seen that I have no xml file into the folder :

Looking deeply, I have checked the Zwave lof file and I have see that even after several reboots there s no communication between openremote and the stick.

If someonevould help me …
Thanks in advance for your time :wink:
Here is what I have in the zwave log file.

On Raspberry Pi 3 with zstick Gen5 for me the com port is always /dev/ttyACM0

You seem to be using AMA0

Something to check

Hello Orctrial

Thanks for your answer.

It was exactly where the problem was, and it soleved my problem.

Here is exactly what I did in order to make it work :

Configuration :

  • PI 3 model B (Raspbian Stretch)
  • Aeon Z-Stick Gen 5
  • Openremote Controller 2.6
I have just do the following :
1- Go to the openremote designer => Config for controller => Z- vave
Change zwave.comPort to **/dev/ttyACM0**

2- Synchronise the controller and it should work :-)