Read value of an attribute object without externally extracting

Hello everyone, I’m new to OpenRemote and i’m trying to use the platform to read/write data from a Raspberry with node-red that talks to a PLC
Everything works fine when i write to openremote, with MQTT like this


if i send “1” he write 1 in the attribute, but when i read from the same attribute with MQTT it returns me a full object with a lot of useless data for me

master/client1234/attribute/Watchdog/6z3Etu6YBueI7qOmCFOFbv : msg.payload : Object
eventType: “attribute”
attributeState: object
ref: object
id: “6z3Etu6YBueI7qOmCFOFbv”
name: “Watchdog”
value: 1
deleted: false
timestamp: 1668087322031
realm: “master”
path: array[1]
0: “6z3Etu6YBueI7qOmCFOFbv”

is there a way to obtain only the value or i have to do the extraction by myself in node-red? I tried adding something random to the MQTT topic like /value or /attributestate/value but it doesn’t seem to work

Thanks in advance for your kind help

Hi, here is the problem:

Change it to:


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This, was stupid by me lol
Thank you very much for your help! It works with “attributevalue” instead of attribute
Did you also highlights master and numbers for a reason?

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Nah, is just the </> function of the forum :sweat_smile:

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