Regular user has no access to manager

In our custom deployment, I’ve set up a regular user under a new Realm.
When I login with this user to the correct realm I get access only to the Edit Account page. No links or buttons to navigate to other parts of the Manager and if I try to change the url to /auth/realms/test it shows me the attached page

Can you tell me what am I doing wrong here? Thanks in advance!

Hi @k6no
to log on another realm that is not master you need to use

edit bold parts with your ip/fqdn and you realm name

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Hi pcr,
what is the password and user name for the realm?

i cant find where have to mention it .


@pcr indeed I can access the manager now, thanks for the quick response!

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You need to create it
When you create the openremote instance you have a Master realm and your master admin account.
Master admin account can see all realms and work on them
Users are related to the realm you are working in, so you first create a new realm

Then you move to the realm you need to log in and go to users

Create a regular user and give appropriate permissions

Now you can with the link above:

Log in with the new credentials

And you are in. As you can see you can’t see other realms and the menu let you do only what you are allowed to do

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