Reset an expired event

Hi, im having trouble with a time event. When the event expires, i encounter a rule loop. This is the code:

import org.openremote.model.query.AssetQuery
import org.openremote.manager.rules.RulesBuilder
import org.openremote.model.asset.*
import org.openremote.model.attribute.*
import org.openremote.model.value.*
import org.openremote.model.rules.*
import java.util.logging.*

Logger LOG = binding.LOG
RulesBuilder rules = binding.rules
Assets assets = binding.assets

        .name("Estado Parq")
            {facts ->
                return facts.matchAssetEvent(
                    new AssetQuery()
                    ).count() == 0
            {facts ->
            assets.dispatch(new AttributeEvent("4Vscn06hs73Hm7IaZ3rMNW", "estadoParq", "Desconectado"))


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