REST API test with postman

Hi seniors,

I have deployed openremote manager on my server :
Here I open REST API with
Successfully authorize it…
Now I want to see list of assets, which already created

I want to test in postman, here I need authorization token, so create one I am filling this form: please guide me what should be in which field:

Please also guide, which API (in swagger) in need to use to get Asset list and which API for asset’s attribute data.

Thanks for regular support in my project.

When I use postman myself i stick to oAuth2 with client credentials grant type.
I coped the Client id and client secret from a service user I created within the Manager UI.
There is probably a better solution out there though (possibly the “authorize using browser” option)

Be aware that our tokens expire very quickly.

/asset/query is the endpoint we often use to get assets from the database, since we can filter on several fields using http parameters.