RPC commands from OpenRemote

I want to control a few LEDs from OpenRemote. The LEDs are connected to ESP32. I want to know if there are any APIs which support sending and receiving of RPC commands from OpenRemote

You can use mqtt via callback and subscribing to a topic.

What kind of LED‘s? WS2812b?
If you are using WS2812b you can also control the colors.

No it is just a normal led. Are there any examples available for the same? or any tutorial?

Please let me know if there are any tutorials available for this

There is no out of the box code. Sorry for that.
I provided @Don an example code for the esp32 to connect to your openremote with publish and subscribing.
There you can customize anything you want.

Just try a little bit, I will help you if you get stuck.

@Don could you upload the ESP32 example?

May I know how is the data published from openremote? I mean the format… so that I can set the callback

Wiki page incoming :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for the quick update :slight_smile:

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