Rtsp stream from camera

hello everyone,
is it possible to show live camera pictures in openremote?
I don’t find the RTSP protocol or agent. is it possible to connect to IP camera by TCP or UDP agent configuration?
if yes, how to show live video in openremote? is any asset to use as an image or video container?

On our wishlist currently :slight_smile: …:some attribute type which could handle a video stream…

hello @Pierre
I saw some video about openremote that has so many features, of course, video streaming is in videos.
do you have an old version or any other version that has more capabilities?

In the past we used to have a platform (Designer 2.5) which allowed for video streams, but missing many other things you seem to be using already, so way less functionality. This product is not supported anymore. The video is probably very old as well…

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ok, now in an emergency situation if someone wants to add image and video(maybe change something somewhere in openremote code) what do you propose as an alternative and helpful suggestion?

@bagherfathi maybe the videos you have seen relate to the people tracking projects @Pierre

I searched again and I found the page link: Open Remote – PlatformUptake.eu
At the bottom of the page, you can find I think four videos about openremote

Hi @bagherfathi indeed as Rich indicated this video refers to a video object detection service which was developed as a PoC. The goal is to take in a video feed and detect incoming/outgoing objects in several categories (people, cars, bags, dogs, etc…). The service connects to OpenRemote and shares the counts, so you can use cameras as smart sensors. The PoC needs some more work to make it fully functional with OpenRemote but the source code is published here

If your goal is to render a video stream then it is worth trying to use the HTML video tag with an appropriate video stream:

If you need to support other formats then you will need some backend service to transcode on the fly.

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