Rule's Not Update

Hi everyone,
i got some trouble with when/then rules: sometimes the will not update themselves, i have to manualy force a variables and finaly they will refresh; i have already setted on “Always Active” in rules declaration.
How can i solve this issues?

Can you provide more details?
Such as the when/then rule you are talking about?

You can also see on the logs page if a rule got triggered, and whether it got executed or not.

This is the example of the rules it’s not updating by itselfs

and this is the log i have

no error or neither else tell me ther’s something wrong but the rules won’t update


I think this might be the same situation as an open issue we have.
Rules trigger the conditions are true, and again if the conditions are false and then true again (to prevent infinite triggers)

Now in the situation of two conditions in one ‘and’ condition block lets assume the following is happening:

  1. When condition A = true & condition B = true >> the rule is triggered
  2. When condition A = false & condition B = true >> rule is not reset
  3. When condition A = true & condition B = true >> rule is not triggered because it was not reset.

What you would want is the rule to reset on step 2. Which would make sense because the total of the condition block is not true anymore and should reset.

Does this sound like what could be happening for you?

It is on our backlog, but I can’t make any promises on when we can resolve it.


Hi Don,
i forgotted to show the second rule with the same variables

With the variable “Mqtt Alive” i reset to “Attening Connection” when it goes on FALSE, but rarely it update to the normal state “MANUAL OR AUTOMATIC”