Run OR behind nginx, which use port 80

Currently I’m trying to set up an OR on my webserver. On the server a nginx application runs and using the port 80. If I try to map the port 80 and 433 to 83 and 8083, it is possible to login to the OR web-interface. But it seems it does not work correctly. e.g. I can not add any device.

I use the docker-compose.yml from the getting starting guide. I set the port 80:80 to 83:80 at the .yml and set the OR_SSL_PORT to 8083. Also the hostname to my website subdomain. e.g.

Which settings I must setup to get an successfull running OR for the case, where the port 80 is still in use from an other application?

Best regards,
Thomas Enzinger

For using another port , i think you should allow the port first.

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