Running OpenRemote behind a proxy

After installing OpenRemote using Docker as described in the Quickstart section of the readme, I followed the Tutorial: Open Weather API using HTTP Agent. Unfortunately, calling the URL results in a connection timeout. From the log:

HTTP Client []: Exception thrown whilst doing polling request [Connect to [,,,] failed: Connect timed out]:

I suspect our proxy to not be recognized by OpenRemote. However, I correctly configured it for Docker following the official guide; Only after this step, the containers could be pulled from the hub. I have logged into the manager and proxy containers via a shell to run curl, which works.

Do you have any other ideas? Is there a dedicated option to configure the proxy to use?

The /etc/environment file I created with the proxy environmental variables http_proxy, https_proxy, ftp_proxy and no_proxy seems to have been picked up by the container.

Hi @daniel did you get to the bottom of your issue? Not had any experience with running behind proxies but will try and help where we can.

Hello @Rich, yes, the environment file has not been picked up before. Now, it works. Thanks for asking!