Running Openremote in Ubuntu 22.04 Docker

I have installed docker for Ubuntu 22.04, and downloaded the OpenRemote image with success. however, when I run the image I change the URL of OpenRemote to the custom (public IP address of my VPS) using this command:

OR_HOSTNAME= OR_PORT=8000 docker-compose -p openremote up -d

Note: SSL is not activated, so I change OR_SSL_PORT to OR_PORT.

However, the command gave this error:

I use port 80 for my web server (actively used). I tried to find some tricks for this error, but no solution. Is there any mistake? How to solve the problem?

This is the use of port 80

hii @deewahyu
share yml file image and which ip you want to

so proxy recognize that Port 80 is already in use, in your case by nginx.

sudo systemctl stop nginx 

and try to start your stack again