Sending data to Chirpstack

Hi, i’m new here, i just wanted to connect openremote to chirpstack, i follow this tutorialTutorial: Receive LoRaWAN sensor data from ChirpStack and it works smoothly, but now i have problem when i sending / publish data from openremote to chirpstack, please help me

Can you provide some details about the issue you experience?

I think sending a LoRaWAN downlink message to a device by means of the ChirpStack server can be done via a HTTP API call or the ChirpStack MQTT integration.

  1. ChirpStack HTTP API call
  2. ChirpStack MQTT integration


I have it for Kerlink LNS. Moving to chirpstack is on my agenda. If any interest, I can do it together.


hi, thankyou for reply, now my project is control streetlight using lorawan. i wanted to send data from openremote to chirpstack using MQTT. i follow this steps to get data from chirpstack to openremote via chirpstack, and it work perfect Tutorial: Receive LoRaWAN sensor data from ChirpStack · openremote/openremote Wiki · GitHub

so now i can get brightness value when i send hex command from chirpstack

subscription topic is running well, now my problem is in the publish topic. the goal is i need send the brightness value to chirpstack based on slider value on openremote.

for publish topic, i also try build on node-red and running well, data can send to chirpstack and execute command

and this is screenshot for publish function

i also get information for payload command from nema lorawan streetlight vendor (which is sensor for this streetlight)

so i wanted to “get value from slider”-> “and i will make a function to transform into hex command based on payload inside openremote like i made function in node red” → " publish that command to chirpstack through MQTT when i slide "

i used chirpstack V4, gateway Rak wisgate edge pro (RAK7289V2)