Sensor Limit characters

Hello, We are trying to add an asset like a sensor (nanoenvi brand) via mqtt client, We are reading the guide and We are generating the password and We can see that the password have 32 characters and the sensor only allow 31 on the password field, also the maximum characters of the topic field on the sensor side are 63 and there are more characters in the topic generated:
How can we limit the number of characters?

Also is Totally necessary set the client Id? Because We have a sensor that havenot field for configure Client ID



I guess your sensor is a very constrained device with these restrictions (they don’t come from the MQTT specification).

The name of the service user you create combined with the realm must go in the username field and the service user secret must go in the password field in the format realm:user.

The secret is auto generated by Keycloak and there is no easy way to override it; I’m sure keycloak has the ability to customise the credential provider or allow it to be modified but that would require digging into Keycloak.

It is possible to create a custom MQTT handler so you can process arbitrary topic publish/subscribe messages: