Service User not authorised?

Hello everybody!

I’m trying to complete the following tutorial:
Tutorial: Connect your MQTT Client

But subscribing and publishing fails.

Here are the according log messages:

  • 07/28/2022 12:51:48 INFO API DefaultMQTTHandler Subscription was not authorised for this user and topic: topic=master/mqttclient/attribute/subscribeAttribute/3OUTeS8lisOFZtI0kPxf7X, connection=MqttConnection{connectionTime=1659005498551, realm=‘master’, username=‘mqttuser’, clientId=‘mqttclient’, obsolete=‘false’}
  • 07/28/2022 12:53:44 WARN ASSET Error processing from CLIENT - INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS: AttributeEvent{timestamp=Thu Jul 28 12:53:44 CEST 2022, attributeState=AttributeState{ref=AttributeRef{id=‘3OUTeS8lisOFZtI0kPxf7X’, name=‘writeAttribute’}, value=23, deleted=false}}

This is the service user:

This is the asset:
Unfortunately, I am not allowed to post more than one media item.

My question:
Am I doing something wrong?
Does it have to do with Service users should get permissions to the openremote client #755?

Here’s the asset:

What Client are you using?

Could you please provide also the publish topic?


The client I use is MQTTX in its current version.


  • subscribe: master/mqttclient/attribute/subscribeAttribute/3OUTeS8lisOFZtI0kPxf7X
  • publish: master/mqttclient/writeattributevalue/writeAttribute/3OUTeS8lisOFZtI0kPxf7X

Here’s the connection details:

The error message when I try to subscribe: