Service User not authorised?

Hello everybody!

I’m trying to complete the following tutorial:
Tutorial: Connect your MQTT Client

But subscribing and publishing fails.

Here are the according log messages:

  • 07/28/2022 12:51:48 INFO API DefaultMQTTHandler Subscription was not authorised for this user and topic: topic=master/mqttclient/attribute/subscribeAttribute/3OUTeS8lisOFZtI0kPxf7X, connection=MqttConnection{connectionTime=1659005498551, realm=‘master’, username=‘mqttuser’, clientId=‘mqttclient’, obsolete=‘false’}
  • 07/28/2022 12:53:44 WARN ASSET Error processing from CLIENT - INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS: AttributeEvent{timestamp=Thu Jul 28 12:53:44 CEST 2022, attributeState=AttributeState{ref=AttributeRef{id=‘3OUTeS8lisOFZtI0kPxf7X’, name=‘writeAttribute’}, value=23, deleted=false}}

This is the service user:

This is the asset:
Unfortunately, I am not allowed to post more than one media item.

My question:
Am I doing something wrong?
Does it have to do with Service users should get permissions to the openremote client #755?

Here’s the asset:

What Client are you using?

Could you please provide also the publish topic?


The client I use is MQTTX in its current version.


  • subscribe: master/mqttclient/attribute/subscribeAttribute/3OUTeS8lisOFZtI0kPxf7X
  • publish: master/mqttclient/writeattributevalue/writeAttribute/3OUTeS8lisOFZtI0kPxf7X

Here’s the connection details:

The error message when I try to subscribe:

I have the same issue.
The clientId in the mqtt connection and subscriptions string are the same .
I set services user in OR with all privileges and chose “linked assets” selecting the propper asset.

2022-08-10 15:17:10.370  WARNING [nioEventLoopGroup-3-1         ]          : Client does not have read permissions on the topic username: master:auremqtt, messageId: 32809, topic: master/mqtt-explorer-982c6064/attribute/subscribeAttribute/7Ik9DNCysQOVvgNltSXhb4
2022-08-10 15:17:39.289  INFO    [nioEventLoopGroup-3-2         ] mote.manager.mqtt.DefaultMQTTHandler.API : Subscription was not authorised for this user and topic: topic=master/client123/attribute/subscribeAttribute/7Ik9DNCysQOVvgNltSXhb4, connection=MqttConnection{connectionTime=1660137430354, realm='master', username='auremqtt', clientId='client123', obsolete='false'}
2022-08-10 15:17:39.291  WARNING [nioEventLoopGroup-3-2         ]          : Client does not have read permissions on the topic username: master:auremqtt, messageId: 33920, topic: master/client123/attribute/subscribeAttribute/7Ik9DNCysQOVvgNltSXhb4

Could you make sure you have the latest version of OpenRemote, redeploy, and create a new service user and test again with the new user. To rule out any outdated issues.

when doing so to make sure you are using the most recent commit
(or image: openremote/manager:${MANAGER_VERSION:-develop} in the docker file)

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A simple change with powerfull results.

#image: openremote/manager:${MANAGER_VERSION:-latest}
 image: openremote/manager:${MANAGER_VERSION:-develop}

-latest version is wrong?

Thanks a lot!

Develop contains all latest commits, including a fix for your issue. Latest (well not really latest as you can see :wink: ) is manually set and will be updated soon.