Shared data with another systems

Good evening. I am new to openremote, I have managed to create an application where I receive data from various devices through MQTT.

However, now I have to share this data to a central information system, how can I publish the information I have in Openremote to that platform?
Should I use a websocket or what is the best way to do it?
Is there any documentation that explains it?
Thank you in advance for your attention to my concern.

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You can use the MQTT manager API (User Guide: Manager APIs · openremote/openremote Wiki · GitHub) to subscribe to Attribute events and Asset events. Maybe you can use that to send the events to your other system? Otherwise you can write your own program that uses the APIs to send the information over to your system.

Is it possible to make my program using an ODBC connection?

I have been able to see that there is a driver for the postgresql database, but when accessing the database it is not clear which scheme the Openremote database uses.

Is it possible to access data from openremote through sql queries?

Hi Guillermo,

Yes, of course. As mentioned our database uses PostgreSQL (and the TimescaleDB extension),
which supports regular SQL statements. Should be the same as any other database once connected.

Requesting the list of schemas in the PostgreSQL database can be done through SQL statements manually, or by simply using third party software to inspect the database.

Basically anything is possible here, just lookup some PostgreSQL information on your search engine.

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