Shell execution protocol not working since I migrated to the new designer and controller.

Hi everyone,

I used to work the former controller, and everything was fine, till I needed to make improvements on my setup.

Surprise is gone, and can’t access or consult my old design. Grrrrr.

No migration possible, fair enough, I decided to redo everything with the new designer and controller.

One of my command is a shell script I execute to shutdown several PCs on the same network in a single press of a button.

Magic! well… it used to be magic.

It’s not working anymore.

The Wake-On-Lan is working though.

I just wonder what I am doing wrong.

The controller is installed and run on a raspberry Pi 2 running on raspbian Stretch.

Is OpenRemote running fine on this distribution of Raspbian? Cause I changed that, It used to run Raspbian Jessie.

For a simple execution of a script not requiring parameters, only the path is needed for what I remember.

Is it correct?

Thanks in advance for your help


I'm not having any problems on Ubuntu 14 LTS with the shell execution, with and with passing parameters.

Thanks for your answer.

I solved it by reinstalling raspbian Jessie, the controller, then samba.

Then I updated everything, and it’s now working with Raspbian Stretch.

Maybe something is missing when you install the controller directly on Raspbian Stretch, or maybe I did something the wrong way.

The most important thing is it’s working now, just I wish I hadn’t loose 3 days on the problem.

Have a great day.