Shell Execution returned value displayed as N/A (my Modbus Power meter)


I have expanded my Modbus project and now I am able to read both TCP and RTU on OS X using Shell Execution protocol.

I have a bash file that reads through RS-485 my power meter (Voltage, Current Cos Phi etc.).

The .sh file gets its parameters, clean all garbage text respond, verifies the proper register was read and echo only the value in volts Amps etc.

Running it manually displays something like 232.98 which is the line value in volts.

I have created new device, commands and sensors.

The sensors are all custom which is supposed to handle strings.

The regex field is empty.

The Sensor name is set to some name.

The device contains 6 commands for 3 phase voltage and current.

The labels I have created in the screen is linked to sensors.

The result is showing in the screen N/A.

I need help as I have no idea why.