SNMP device pulling data

hi everyone
as you can see here:
i look for a method to pull SNMP data in Openremote and I cant find(similar SNMPGet).
i used SNMP agent but it bind a server to receive traps from snmp devices.
and I cant pull SNMP device data.
then I used “to IP” and “to port” fields to connect to SNMP device. SNMP device show “connected” status which means it successfully connected but assets use this snmp agent cant receive any data.
please help me how on regular base such as HTTP API can call SNMP device variables values?

Something for @Michael to look at. An example in WiKi would be nice.

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I solved my problem by implementing an SNMP to HTTP converter rest server. (of course by using snmp4j)
but it’s better to add help when a feature exists in the software.
if it’s possible, I can help you with documentation or solving issues related to java PostgreSQL and etc

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Hi @bagherfathi,

Sorry for y late reply.

I don’t fully understand what you’re trying to achieve here.

Correct me if I’m wrong:
You’ve got a device that sends snap trap messages but you cannot receive them in the SNMP agent?

Do you know if the OID you’ve put in is the exact same as the one the device is sending?

Glad to help out if needed.


Hi @Michael
I want to get the temperature and humidity of a sensor over SNMP every 1 minute.
I know the oid and SNMP version and community and everything else needs for a connection to the sensor.

Hi @bagherfathi,

Do you have an example of how such a message looks like?

Not sure if you’re familiar with the following command from the terminal:

sudo snmptrap -v 2c -c public -h <your-machines-ip-address>  -o <OID> i <value>

Could you maybe show how a message from your device would be send with the snmptrap command?

Best Regards,

Hi @Michael
I saw this command in documents:

sudo snmptrap -v 2c -c public -h <your-machines-ip-address>  -o <OID> i <value>
```i think the <value> is a synthetic data to test SNMP agent in open remote, right?
my question, in this scenario I must set something on SNMP enabled device to send data to Openremote snmp agent?
really I don't know enough about SNMP traps, is it include sensors data? is it possible to schedule on regular time?
thanks @Michael

Hi @michal How I can save the HTTP/MQTT/UDP data. Like temperature, humidity etc. that showing in Openremote.
Thank you
Vicky kumar