Sonoff devices on Open Remote?

Hi, I would like to use Open Remote on my Synology NAS to control my Sonoff switches. For Sonoff you use eWeLink. This doesn’t work when the internet or their servers are down, apart from the security issues.

Hi Victor I have never worked with the Sonof stuff but I believe they are based on the ESP8266/32 which you can rewrite the firmware yourself and then use that to interface to anything using MQTT etc. Check out Tasmota I found that now from googling whats out there, never heard of it before today but it looks like it might make it easier than writing your own stack. Hope that helps

Hi Pingza, yes I also heard from Tasmota, but hoped for a more out of the box solution.

There could be something I dont know enough about the Sonof devices and their native application/firmware unfortunately hopefully someone else does.