SONOS HTTP API & OR commands

I've been working on launching Sonos Radio favourites in OR and have 3 stations that will not launch

These two work fine 80s London

but these three wont change the favourite Radio-Solo Piano & Guitar Hits 4FM’s 96fm

No error is displayed but if I launch the webconsole I get a XML to JSON parsing error (not sure how I can find out more about the error, it pops up when the console updates after I save in designer)

I have a sensor to display what station is playing and I disabled that but it didnt make a difference

the JSON return from the http request is

{“currentTrack”:{“artist”:"",“title”:“Calm Radio - Solo Piano & Guitar”,“album”:"",“albumArtURI”:"/getaa?s=1&u=x-sonosapi-stream%3as132811%3fsid%3d254%26flags%3d8224%26sn%3d0",“duration”:0,“uri”:“x-sonosapi-stream:s132811?sid=254&flags=8224&sn=0”,“radioShowMetaData”:"",“absoluteAlbumArtURI”:“",“type”:“radio”,“streamInfo”:"Alex Chudnovsky - Galaxy”},“nextTrack”:{“uri”:“x-file-cifs://HomeNAS1/music/High%20BitRate%20Music/Pet%20Shop%20Boys/Discography-%20The%20Complete%20Singles%20Collection/12%20It’s%20Alright.mp3”,“albumArtURI”:"/getaa?u=x-file-cifs%3a%2f%2fHomeNAS1%2fmusic%2fHigh%2520BitRate%2520Music%2fPet%2520Shop%2520Boys%2fDiscography-%2520The%2520Complete%2520Singles%2520Collection%2f12%2520It’s%2520Alright.mp3&v=1306",“absoluteAlbumArtURI”:“’s%20Alright.mp3&v=1306",“title”:"It’s Alright”,“artist”:“Pet Shop Boys”,“album”:“Discography: The Complete Singles Collection”},“volume”:1,“mute”:false,“trackNo”:1,“elapsedTime”:26,“elapsedTimeFormatted”:“00:26”,“zoneState”:“PLAYING”,“playerState”:“PLAYING”,“zonePlayMode”:{“shuffle”:false,“repeat”:false,“crossfade”:false}}

Any suggestions...


Cancel this as I found a solution.

In sonos I found I could rename the favourite so I made them something much simpler.
I read on another post that chars like '&' and '/' could cause issues so I made sure to only include start alphanumeric characters

worked like a charm...


Could you explain how you displayed the state command? Kinda stuck with the json expression part