Special characters

I have two labels on my panel which show the current radio station and the current program.
The input comes from an xml-file. In this xml-file there are sometimes special characters like (' " and so on).

I tried to replace these characters in the XPath expression. Testing it in a Free Online Path Tester worked fine but when putting this expression in the OR-command the label only shows “NA”

The expression:
//item/szLine/value[2]/replace(text(), "& ’ “” , “&”)

Any idea how to make the special characters show correctly?

Thanks in advance

I think I saw a post on these lines regarding data from a weather service, it's worth searching the forum for those posts


Thank you for the link… but I don’t think its the solution for my problem…

Hello Dieter

Can you have a look at the last post I did at the end ? :


Does it solve your problem ?



Hi Jerome,

thank you for your answer.
But your solution only works in a script. I have a HTTP-command:
with XPath: //item/szLine/value[2]/text()

There is no chance to add a iconv command

Hello Dieter,

OK, I see :slight_smile:

But why don t you develop a script that store the xml file inot a folder and then you can do and iconv.

this is what I did to get the weather data from openweathermap/ supplier.

Instead of getting directly the xml file from the supplier’s website, I first download them using my script, scheduled with the “cron”, every 10 mn.

And then, in openremote, I use xpath to access to these files stored into a “private” directory.

In one word, instead of doing it in one step (direct xpath command in OR), I do it in two (download via a scheduled script + xpath in OpenRemote on downloaded files).

This is the only way I have found to solve this problem, because, your are right, we cannot do a lot of things directly into an Xpath command :-).

That’s just a suggestion of course :slight_smile: