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How many days i can store data for an asset? Max storage capacity ?
Can i change time gap b/w two data ?


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Hi apurba, data points are store in postgres so I think it depends on the size of your instance.
The default retention is 30 days but you can change it for a single attribute using the configuration item “data points max age days” or globally in your yml using OR_DATA_POINTS_MAX_AGE_DAYS variable.
I was able to set up to 2.1 Billion days, don’t know the real cap, maybe there isn’t and is based on the DB

I don’t understand this question, you want to store only some of the data?

Actually want to know can i change the time interval between two files?

As i am getting 2 mins interval betwwen 2 files.

if i change golbally OR_DATA_POINTS_MAX_AGE_DAYS , is it store all attributes data?

Kindly address me where in yml file i can write this?


I don’t understand what you mean by files. You have some assets with some attributes, if you set an attribute to store data points with the configuration item it will become a record in your postgres DB, and the interval depends on how many time you update the attribute
If you update the global variable, you extend the max age for all attributes, but remember that you still need to set “store data points” on the attributes you want to store

Find the variable here at line 290

Okay got your point.

Kindly find my attachment and this the export data of an attribute

If u see timestamp option in excel, you can see the time interval between two data is 2 mins .
My question is that can i change this time ineterval to —.>> 1 min ?


Data are stored based on value change, if you have 2 mins gap it means you update it only after 2 minutes.
I have attributes that get updated 2-3 times per second, and if I export to csv I can see all the values.
So what you are looking for is “who is updating that attribute, and why is it updating only once every 2 minutes?” You need to reduce that gap, OpenRemote just shows and stores those data

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