Suggestion: Alarm Sound

Hey @Don and @rich

i added an alarm sound, if a attribute is reaching a critical value/state.

it would be a nice feature… cause openremote is mostly minimized and not in front of desktop.
Video: (turn on sound)


Nice! You won’t miss that notification :wink:
Is it triggered with a When-Then rule sending a notification to the user?

As first steps before we have a more comprehensive system to handle in-app notifications it might be nice to also have a window alert that gives some information to the user about the alarm, or to center the map on the asset with the alarm.

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Hey Don,

i changed the or-map/src/utils.ts at your map-marker colour change function.

just easily added to the function: getMarkerIconAndColorFromAssetType

var audio = new Audio(“alert.mp3”);

if (attrVal === ‘specific value’) {;
} else {
audio.currentTime = 0;

so on a specific Value of your attribute (added in manager_config.json), the alarmsound gets triggered.

I know you will insert a notification window, but since then i just help me with this. :slight_smile:

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