Suggestion: Geolocation with Altitude

Hey all,

since i’m very unfamiliar with coding. :slight_smile:

I would like to suggest to implement the open-elevation api binded to the geolocation.

Maybe you like this idea?



You could do this by creating an HTTP agent to connect to the API (use the URL and correct headers to set up the connection). And then add an attribute with agent link for elevation on the asset you want it for. I’ve tried it out myself and it works fine, however automatically using the location that is already set for that asset is giving me some trouble.
I tried doing it using an asset link and filtering out just the coordinates and then use that pushed value in the query parameters of the agent link in ‘elevation’. No luck yet so Rich is going to give me some pointers later this week :slight_smile:
Anyway, if you are ok with inputting the attributes by hand for now, the agent link configuration item of the ‘elevation’ attribute should look like this:

Make sure to check the logs (top right menu) if it doesn’t seem to work.

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Hey Don,

Thanks for reply!

yes, manually it works fine.

My intention is, to get the elevation over ground of an asset by the geo location.

For Example: I got a BME180 Sensor, it meassure the pressure, and when i got the exact sealevel pressure, i can figure out the elevation of an asset.

Asset = 190m over Sealevel (by BME)
Geolocation Elevation: 186m

So the Asset have to be 4 meters over ground.

So i have to link the query parameters to the geo locations and switch the longtiude and latiude and that doesn’t work :frowning: