Supported languages

Hello all.

Is there some plan for this solution to support Portuguese (Brasil) language?

Thanks in advance.


Languages are added on a case by case basis and also by what languages people in our team can translate, if this is something you’re interested in and would be happy to work on. Then we’d be happy to give you access to do this on Github (just be going through a JSON file and entering some English to Portuguese translations) and we can merge it into the code base.

Hi Rich,

I could do translation into Polish if you like.

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Hi Michal,

Thanks for the kind contribution offer; once our locale file is a bit more mature we’ll get in touch.

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You mentioned whether we considered Portuguese. As Richard mentioned, we currently cover 5 languages as those are the ones we speak with the current team.

However, Portuguese is of course a very attractive language, given the wide use as #7 language.

Would you be interested in making the translation to Portuguese in a JSON file?
It also helps if you could next go through the platform and test whether the chosen words make sense in their context…and update once in a while.

Let us know!