Synology and KNX

Hello all,

While looking to the new OR package for Synology, this seems to be a very interesting possibility.

I’m currently using a raspberry, and this is disappointing in term of reliability ( sd card known problems…)

Does anyone succeed to install openremote with KNX ( eibd ) on recent synology ?

Or does anyone recommend another reliable solution for OR/KNX ?

From the web, it seems that install pthsem is not very succesfull (and I tried quickly once, and it fails indeed…)

Thanks to all in advance.


I can supply you Beaglebone Black mini pc in a din rail case for €150 (£130) + VAT, P&P, pre-loaded with OpenRemote Pro 2.5.0, Java 1.6 and JVelbusD.
It will also come with a 12v to 5v voltage dropper for connecting directly to your 12v KNX power supply.

I have developed this unit to support my Velbus customers, but due to OpenRemote's flexibility there is no reason why you can't load your KNX design into it.

Thanks for this proposal.
In fact, the problem is not OR, but the eibd package. The package is now quiet old, and there is some compatibility troubles with librairies, in certain particular cases.

Also, I would give the first preference to use Synology or Q-Nap Nas, as it can be used for other purpose also, without spending time for configuration and so on.

But I retain your proposal in case of…


Oh I see.

I'm really sorry that I can't help with the KNX package issue.

It is quite interesting to learn and other people's approaches.

Personally, I'm a big fan of 'One job, One device' mainly because of the fact that if one device fails, you've only lost that 1 feature.

I had a simple power supply failure some years ago and it caused chaos.

Good luck finding a solution, drop me a line if you find an up to date KNX package, I'll happily run it up on the BeagleBone.



A fork from eibd can be found here:
It’s an initiative from members of the german knx-user-forum.


One solution is to install system on usb drive on raspberry..

I just double checked the german forum.
People report success on compiling and running knxd on pi3.