The insights line chart is displaying inaccurate information


On the image, the flat sections marked in red do not represent accurate information. The actual behavior is depicted by the peak marks in blue.

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Hi! First of all, welcome! :wave:

Our chart uses an algorithm to downsample the data; for example to scale 1000 points to 50.
We practice LTTB for this (see study pdf here), that makes sure ‘spikes’ like yours are present.

The amount of points that are shown, are based on the width of the chart.
The wider the chart, the more points and detail are shown.

the amount of datapoints in your screenshot is relatively small compared to how many it should be.
I just tested it on my local machine and I also discovered weird behavior.
Will take a look on it soon. :grin:

Can you confirm if you have the latest version of OpenRemote installed?

Hi Martin.

Thanks for your reply.

How do I get the OR version number?

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docker image inspect openremote/manager:latest | grep git-commit

Will show the git commit your image was built from

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