The limit of nodes on the platform

Hello Everyone
I need to know what is the limit of nodes that i can make it on the platform and it can handled by the platform?

@Don @Rich @Denis
Could you help me with that ?

Actually there is no limit, but I have never made a stresstest.
I’ve already tested it with 90 devices which are sending 7 payloads every 2 seconds, there were no issues or delay.

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Thanks for your replying
I want to know what is the protocol is mqtt or https requests
and i made a small app to made a stress test by http post asset and made 100000 post asset request
and it post it and tell me unauthorized after one minute cause the refresh token, and I go to the map tab and it isn’t loaded well.
First is there is a way to make the refresh token more than one minute,
Last is there a way to load map beside the post asset to not feel there is a lag

Hi marwan,

you can easily change the refresh token lifespan at the keycloak frontend.

Realm Settings → Tokens → Access Token Lifespan

Of course MQTT, cause HTTP wasn’t designed for this.

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