Time format change

Hi, how to make a date and time format like yours, in 24 hour format? i have 12 hours pm / am. And can’t change. thanks you

Hi, not much detail in your question but I’m guessing you have an attribute and you want to format the display of that value?

There is the Value format configuration item which takes a json object that conforms to this class, which loosely follows the HTML5 IntlAPI:

hi, i am sorry for short question.

In rule page, scheduler display time format in 12h time format, like on img

but on screenshots on githab, you have 24h time format.

And i am try to change it to 24h time format
thanks you

Seems like you’ve got quite far with providing your own translations; without looking through the code I believe we just rely on the native browser date time controls and the string representation will be determined by your system locale settings.

Don’t think there is a way to easily control this other than changing your system locale or for chrome you can pass the --lang=... parameter to the startup command:

Just need to pick a locale that uses 24h time e.g. en_NL but could also alter number formatting (e.g. decimal and thousand separator).

Rich, thanks you.
Strange, but on ubuntu 21.04 and chromium / firefox, the default was the correct format, but it was displayed all the same for 12 hours
And on a computer with windows 10, everything works fine.