UDP Agent for Open Remote Using ESP32

I have an ESP32 with captive portal where I used for a GPS tracker solution. the protocol used was UDP.
I’m wondering where I may in OR add/modify a protocol to match this device or add new UDP protocol .

You could use the built in UDPStringServer which deals with string messages or sub class the same AbstractUDPServer<T> with your custom message processing.

You will need to instantiate this somewhere so I would recommend creating a custom ContainerService which will be loaded using the standard java ServiceLoader mechanism at startup and then you can create your UDP server instance.

The custom project template repo has some examples of doing this customisation in a structured way but ultimately you just need to package things up in a JAR and add this to the /deployment/manager/extensions dir of the manager container.

P.S. Don’t forget to open the port on the manager service.

Thanks very much for this valuable information.