Unable add attributes to agent creating basic HTTP client

When following this guide (https://github.com/openremote/openremote/wiki/User-Guide%3A-Connecting-to-a-HTTP-API) to create a test asset with the Docker Hub containers pulled down and running locally I am unable to add atrributes as the menu is empty. Am I making a basic mistake or is something wrong with my local setup?

Below is how it looks.


The guide is referring to the legacy manager setup, which is currently phased out. The current manager might still have some glitches here and there. You can still call the old manager UI by explicitly following the /manager endpoint, e.g. https://demo.openremote.io/manager
You should be able to add attributes following this path.

I have set up openremote on my local machine and tried to add attribute with new httpclient agent. But facing same above error. This error consistent when I tried to create any type of agent.
Do I need to write a code to add any new agent(Http, TCP client etc)? I am stuck at very basic part.
I thought I would be able to create my own dashboard with existing components using Openremote Manager. May be my understanding with Openremote manager is missing.

Appreciate any pointer or response to unblock me.


The wiki article refers to the legacy GWT based manager UI and if you use the URL mentioned in the article you get to the legacy UI https://localhost/manager.

This UI is unsupported now but should still work for provisioning purposes, the new UI (shown in your screen grab) for provisioning is still a work in progress but will be available in the next month or so.