Unable to add realms and users

I deployed the latest openremote with custom map. First I managed to add a new realm and a service user, but now I am not able to add new realm or modify the recently added one and when I open the Users page, the page is blank.
Here are the docker image version:

REPOSITORY              TAG       IMAGE ID       CREATED       SIZE
openremote/manager      latest    854f66c23941   8 days ago    585MB
openremote/keycloak     latest    1d52b728e479   2 weeks ago   757MB
openremote/manager      <none>    39725b836c23   3 weeks ago   584MB
openremote/proxy        latest    9b92bbc7082c   3 weeks ago   94.2MB
openremote/postgresql   latest    697aa9d4f5f0   5 weeks ago   339MB
openremote/keycloak     <none>    125d9a3d8080   5 weeks ago   756MB

Are you logging in as admin user in the master realm?

Yes I am logged in as admin in master

should I add on the keycloak authentication page the realms instead of the manager UI?