Unable to create NEW asset

Whenever I click on Things Asset / or any asset to add in UI, unfortunately not added.

too much problem in stack
Kindly look into this

@martin.peeters @Don @panos @michal @Pierre

There is something wrong with the setup of your OR instance, doesn’t seem like a bug.

The Manager UI is not able to retrieve data from the OR APIs at all.
My guess is that you didn’t login through Keycloak but through basic login,
which keeps you unauthenticated and therefore cannot retrieve nor push any asset/attribute data.

Kindly look into this

How to solve it?

i tried and login through Keycloak but no luck same issue … too many issue here


2024-04-22 12:21:28.720 INFO [Pool-AttributeEventProce…2-18] ote.manager.asset.AssetProcessingService : <<< Attribute event processing took a long time 60ms: processor=2, event=AttributeEvent{timestamp=2024-04-22T10:21:28.638Z, ref=AttributeRef{id=‘5Up8bgB6U38OGIkNQP9T8e’, name=‘agentStatus’}, realm=master, value=ERROR}


I am trying 3 different systems but results remain the same.

Kindly fix it

error.txt (75.0 KB)

@martin.peeters @michal @Don

There is nothing obvious in the log you provided.

Can you please check for browser console errors and provide them here.

Also a description of your configuration would be helpful as this is not an issue we are seeing anywhere else.

Hi Rich,
I am using the 22.04 ubuntu system, previously i was using openremote in the same system, and was running ok.
After 15th April I saw there was an error because I had not received the device and this is a production system.

Then I thought I should update the stack so I updated stack but nothing happened, instead of I am unable to Bring up whole containers due to updating Postgres and Keykloak issue .
Then I posted the issue here and did not get enough support …

So, I decided to create new stack.
I purged all volume, images, and containers After when I brought up project I saw that I can’t unable to create a new asset .
After that, i am trying the same configuration in the Windows machine but no luck same issue i can’t creat asset.

This is my config file
config.txt (2.5 KB)

Kindly tell me if you needed more details

What values are you using for:


i am using

is there anything blocking my browser?

Failed to connect to event service: