Unable to create new REALM under master

Kindly suggest me how i can add new realm , pls refer screenshot


Seems like some error within the Manager UI.
Can you share the logs of your browsers’ console? (developer tools)

thanks , Issue resolve .
Create new realm from keycloak , but there some issue i can’t create user from new realm .

The process of requesting roles seems to fail.
I looked at our code and it should be showing a different error if no roles exist.

Are there roles present within Keycloak?
And how do you mean: “I can’t create user from new realm”, does the button in the screenshot not work?

hello ,
“I can’t create user from new realm” - actualy after confirmation (user is created successfully ) , its not showing under the same realm .

“Are there roles present within Keycloak?” - pls refer scrrenshot

There was a bug in the realms UI which was fixed in a recent image, please ensure you have the latest manager image.

You can’t create the realm manually without manually creating the required openremote client and roles also; this is taken care of automatically when using the manager to create the realm for you.