Update Assets Location on the Main Map

I successfully managed to update asset location from HTTP PUT Request - Thanks to @michal and [@rich] (Profile - rich - OpenRemote) for your great support.

My question now is i noticed that when the asset location is updated it’s only updated and rendered on the Mini map widget on the asset page, so how can it also be rendered on the Main map page.



In order for an asset to show on the map page you need to add the show on dashboard configuration item to its’ location attribute.


I did add the show on dashboard configuration item to the asset location attribute but it’s only update the asset location on the small map widget only not on the main map page


I have just pushed a fix relating to showOnDashboard which establishes the correct behaviour so Assets will show on the main map if there is no showOnDashboard configuration item or if showOnDashboard=true. So by default an Asset will show on the map to hide it you add showOnDashboard=false.

Just to avoid any confusion can you confirm exactly what your issue is:

  1. Asset not showing at all on the Map page
  2. Asset shows on the Map page but its’ position does not update automatically when the location attribute value is changed

If it is 1 then please try the latest ‘manager’ image from docker hub (with timestamp greater than this message) and you should not need to add showOnDashboard configuration item.


My Issue is No. 2

  1. Asset shows on the Map page but its’ position does not update automatically when the location attribute value is changed


I just confirmed that if I change an Asset location attribute value then it does update its’ position on the map in real time.


Thanks, I will try after the new fix.


I did pull the latest manager image

docker pull openremote/manager:latest

After creating a new

Electric Vehicle Asset

I added both Access public write and Show on dashboard configuration items for Location attribute

I created a 3rd party application - for testing - that send route’s waypoints coordinates every 2 seconds to the asset using HTTP Asset API to update its location attribute.

What i noticed that it successfully updating the asset location attribute and its marker updated also on the Mini Map widget (from the asset details page), when i switched back to the Main Map (Dashboard Page) also the marker moved to the updated location ONCE only- not updated with all other waypoints like in the Mini Map Asset Widget.

My question here:

How i can let the Main Map (Dashboard) updating the displayed marker location continuously for each update without going back and forth between the asset details and the main map?

Kindly find below images :

Updating asset location on the mini map (continuously updated)

Updating asset location on the Main map (updated Once only)

Seems like a surprising feature a.k.a bug. We’ll look at it.

I have just pushed an update to the Manager UI that fixes this issue, please try the latest manager image in docker hub (timestamp greater than this post).


Thanks, I will try the latest version