Update Openremote

Hi all,
i was wondering how to upgrade the docker images of Openremote without loosing all my work on the platform. Thanks!

Usually, you can update them without problems without loosing data. All persistent data are stored in docker volumes. However, there are sometimes breaking changes which require to wipe old data, therefore it is better to ask @Rich whether it is safe to update from your current version to the newest.

We have avoided migration and release management for now as we’re in a busy development cycle; in the next couple of months we will be migrating to proper releases with built in migration support for DB schema.

Until then I cannot tell you when breaking changes are introduced; in general DB schema breaking changes are rare but we do make changes occasionally so it would be a matter of giving it a try unfortunately.

Going with a custom project setup with custom setup code to create assets, users, etc. when starting with a clean install can avoid these sorts of problems.

Obviously if you’re running a custom project and have custom java code then there could be breaking changes there that cannot be automatically fixed but would require manual intervention but when we have proper releases it will be a manual decision to migrate to a new version anyway as it should be.