Update Warning - Don't install new version if ...

… if the old one works!


  • Controller: The new controller version didn’t fulfil
    all “old” requirements or it is not compatible anymore (look all the entries).
  • Designer: The migration from old version to
    new version doesn’t work. The design is a lot of work (commands, sensors, …). If I do it from the beginning i will need weeks to get my old funcnality back.
    In my case the biggest problem is the missing transformation from old
    designer profile to the new one. Unfortunately there are to less expert people
    who have the time and resource to help. I invested hours, days to get the old
    “stable” installation running again.

Therefore, my call is addressed to all who want to change: Please wait until the most urgent errors will be fixed! Otherwiese you have a lot of unsolved problems.