Updates on OpenRemote - December 2016

I guess 5 months is not very regular for an update…But the good news is we are moving ahead. At least that’s what we believe.
You guys will have to be the judge of whether it’s in the right direction.

First of all we have taken quite a few steps to make it easier to get started with OpenRemote 2.5. We have redone part of our Documentation on GitHub , adding more documentation for people starting with OpenRemote. The new Community page is the best place to get a quick overview.

For Home Users we created an Example Home project ,
including a 2.5 demo environment to try it out. For convenience we included a Project ZIP file and Adobe Illustrator file so you can easily
turn this into your own project. We also added a configuration panel, as well as the rules for creating a PID control loop. The latter could be handy for temperature control or air quality control. The iOS console
is also updated so it will automatically select predefined panels based
on your phone type. And last but not least, Z-wave classes are extended. Most work is done here by Eric, Michal, Don, and Rainer.

project will also be the reference for adding our manager 3.0 tools. It’s not ready to add it to the demo environment, but you can find OpenRemote 3.0 source code on GitHub
So far the vast majority has been the work of one person, Christian, so
you can imagine he could use some help! If you are interested, don’t hesitate and Hop On!

And for something unexpected…we just won the Safety Innovation Competition 2016. That means we are going to implement OpenRemote at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport with the objective to reduce waiting times for border control.

The next update will be quicker!

Regards — Pierre

Time is flying, it was more than 4 years ago. Now, in the middle of the #coronavirus pandemic the word Remote has a strong meaning. I hope not everyone thinks that OpenRemote has died. We are in fact quite busy and preparing new things. This brand new forum layout is one of them. Enjoy!

That is good news! good work.

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