Upgraded to 2.5.0 controller mobile webconsole behaves differently now.

I recently upgraded
my home setup from 2.1.0 to 2.5.0 and finally got all 5 of my panels
and each one’s buttons working properly on my revised system (new
AV amp and soon a new Blueray player).

Now I can no longer get the
webconsole screens that look and behave as before on the computer
desktop to resize (pinch/un-pinch) as they used to do on my android
web browser screens on the 2.1.0 version.

Is there a secret to
getting this sort of configuration to behave properly with mobile
device screens? Or am I going to have to use the android client app
now ?

I think it may be related to the fact that when I invoke
“desktop site” switch in mobile chrome, as was formerly my
custom, it now hangs on “loading” forever and never displays the
webconsole UI.

Any suggestions or tips?

I am attaching some screen shots here:




I went ahead and installed the openremote client app on my moto e4 plus phone and after a few tweaks to the designer content and putting some scaling factors into the client setup to enlarge x and y dimensions a bit it works pretty well now. I guess I will give up on the bare webconsole client for now if nobody has any suggestions.

Hi Tim,

would you mind sharing more details on “putting some scaling factors into the client setup to enlarge x and y dimensions”?


Here is a screen shot of my app settings…

Excellent thank you! I have been wondering for the last 6 months on how to make the panels designed for iPhone 6s to look correctly on my Android and you just saved me a whole lot of time by not having to design all those panels again for Android :+1:

Thanks for sharing