UZB (COMx) not recognized by OR after Win10 update

After updating Microsoft Windows 10 Home to Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362 (Version 1903) the OR controller does not recognize the UZB ( Z-Wave USB stick from Z-Wave.Me) anymore at the COM interface.
Windows shows the correct driver and COMx number.
The OR controller will start up without zwave and still work with e.g. virtual buttons.
Please have a look at the attached log files and help me to overcome this problem.
The files are showing only the beginning entries with most important info. The full log files will be very long.
Thanx in advance.
PS: Unfortunately I can not add the files. I copy the most important text here

It seems that initialization of the serial port (COM7) failed.

I’ve tried to reproduce the behaviour with the following system configuration:

  • Windows 10 Home, Version 1903, Build 18362.418
  • Z-Wave.Me UZB
  • OpenRemote Controller Version 2.6.0 (Beta 3)
  • OpenRemote Z-Wave Version 3.3.0

I couldn’t find any issues that means it worked as expected.

Is your Z-Wave.Me UZB really associated with COM7 or is it a different COM port ?

Hi Rainer.

I could fix that problem.

Before the windows update the USBcom appears as COM7, afterwards it was COM9.
I changed it back to COM7 to avoid problems with the OR controller.
Now i changed it back again to the COM9 and wonder, everything works fine now.
There must be any registry entries deep in the windows system which sticked to COM9.

Thank you for your support.