Very NOOB question

Hi folks,

thank you very much to whom will help me.

I wrote a little program for my Wemos Mini that reads the current consumption of my home’s circuit and send it to a defined IP address via UDP protocol.

The value of the analog pin has been sent every time the device receives a command, also this via UDP, in two ways: if the server sends “1_DATA”, the device sends only one value, if the server sends “AUTO_ON” or “AUTO_OFF” the device starts and stops sending data continuously (every 100ms) respectively.

I installed OpenRemote on my home server and created a little application with two buttons and one label: the expected result is to activate and deactivate the continuous sending of data to the server, that should be visualized on the label.

I’ve been able to make the buttons run correctly (when I send start I see the data arrive to the server and when I send stop the flow stops), but also after reading the howtos I didn’t be able to understand how to intercept the data from the device and make them visualized on the label. I think I should use UDPListener but I find the instructions not so clear and I didn’t understand how to manage a custom protocol.

Is there anyone that can give me some hint to start working on it?

There is quite good documentation about UDP listener how to receive custom messages with rules. I'm using it all the time, including tasker for Android and just recently integrating Amazon Echo with Openremote. Please search the wiki and/or the old archived forum. Let me know if you have trouble to find.