We are sorry... OpenRemote Invalid parameter: redirect_uri but in a desktop its working very well

i facing the problem with open remote azure cloud installation We are sorry…
Invalid parameter: redirect_uri

In a desktop environment, you are likely using localhost. For the stack operating on a public cloud, a proper DNS configuration is required. Could you please provide your current DNS settings?

thank you very much to reply. i am a new for this type of works. i configure any dns not yet but i install open remote in azure cloud vm with docker compose.my public ip I also install wemin in that same vm to moitor and configure the vm.
( is the webmin url.can you please tell me how to configure dns.

DOMAINNAME: localhost ,
change this line to below line (proxy image , keycloak , manager ) in yml file
DOMAINNAME: and browse your IP in browser

Thankyou verymuch to repy
I modify as per your suggesion. thare no change at all please find the attachment of text of yml file.
docker-compose .txt (2.5 KB) is a bare IP address, and it is not possible to obtain a certificate for it. You will need a DNS name, likely assigned automatically by Azure. Please use that DNS name instead.

thanking you very much to reply sir.