Web view drains battery

Hi all,
I use a tablet running Openremote as a universal remote.
Recently I added a page with a web view for a security camera.
As it turns out this drains the battery of the tablet in a few hours.
It seems to be active in the background.
Is there a way to avoid this?

Thanks for an answer in advance.

I put a web view element in to view a HD security cam feed once.

Just opening up the android app sucked the life out of my mobile data allowance.

2GB used in less than 30 minutes.

So, I'll assume that the web viewer is live all the time.

My solution was fairly simply, again I'm sure someone else will provide a much better solution.

I created a set of in-memory commands that set any number of full URLs into the in-memory variable.

Then an In-memory sensor displayed the URL.

Linking the web view element to this sensor was enough to be able to set a NULL value to effectively stop the web view element from showing any live data.

As a fail Safe, (with help) I created a simple rule to watch the in-memory sensor every 30 seconds and set it back to NULL.

Hi Stuart,

I’m not sure what you mean. Is the result that the web view is only active when viewed?
Could you give me some pointers on how to achieve this?



I’m on holiday right now, I can answer better when I get home.

Try this attached web view experiment that I created a while ago to answer a similar question.

Good luck,


openremote_WebView_experiment.zip (207 KB)