What are Openremote linux server requirements?

I installed and run openremote on my computer. (3.0) Now I will install openremote on vds for testing purposes. (We will not exceed 100 nodes for testing purposes.)
What are Openremote linux server requirements? (Cpu, ram, hdd, etc.)

Your millage can vary and we still are not sure what absolute minimum would be. Currently I’m using EC2 t3a.small (2G RAM, 2 CPUs) instances with 8GB SSD on Ubuntu server. You can check this CloudFormation template. From this you can go up as far as you wish. As for underlying OS it does not really matter. We run it with success on Ubuntu, CentOS, MacOS and Windows (with Linux containers).

I’ve just deployed the stack on linode 2GB RAM Debian instance without problems.

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